A classic game from Scandinavia

Rainbow Croquet Set
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A high-quality croquet game made in Italy
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Croquet game in high quality
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A high-quality croquet game made in Italy
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Highest quality croquet from the Italian Alps
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These happy little dogs will provide you with a fun-filled afternoon! Players must then take it in turns to complete the course with the fewest hits of the ball.
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The object of the game is to pass your ball through all the wickets, and right after you should hit your ball over half the court. When you do that you are called a ”free breaker”. As a free breaker you should hit all the other balls on the court and at last hit the target stick. All players have a mallet and ball. A croquet court is 12x24m if it’s a tournament.

The first player places his ball a mallet from the stick and hits it. Every wicket and stick that are passed, gi-ves you a bonus stroke. If the whole ball is not through a wicket in one hit, you need to hit it back and make another try till you get the ball to pass the wicket. A fun and tactic part of the game is to destroy for the other players by hitting their balls. It is called to roquet. If you hit another ball, you get one stroke to hit the ball again in the direction you wish. The other stroke you use to hit your own ball in a desired way. A player cannot hit another ball until both of you have passed the third wicket. In a tournament game you are not allowed to put your foot on the ball to hit another ball. Instead you need to use the hit to get your ball into right direction as well. To be aloud to roquet another ball you need to pass through a wicket first.

The crown in the middle gives you two extra strokes when passed. You need to pass through the whole in one stroke, just as with the wickets. When passing the whole court, you should not hit the target stick, first you should make free breaker stroke, you hit your ball over half the court. If you fail, you have to hit the ball back and make another try. As a free breaker, it is now time to hit all the other balls that has passed wicket number three. After that you have two strokes to hit the target stick. If you can do that you win the game! If not, you have to hit all balls again and then get two new strokes to try to hit the target stick.

If a player is a free breaker and hits the target stick, or is hit by another player and the ball hit the target stick, before he has hit all the balls, he will have to start over from the beginning.