Flip Kick Deluxe
99,90 €89,90€*Weight4 kg
14,99€*Weight0.8 kg
99,90 €79,90€*Weight1.8 kg
Pinball Planet and Flipper Football
Activity and action guaranteed for active players.
119,90 €95,90€*Weight4 kg
Flip Kick Classic Big
The aim of flip kick is to get the ball through the opponents goal.
79,90 €69,99€*Weight2 kg
94,00€*Weight1 kg
129,90 €99,90€*Weight4 kg
Flip Kick
69,90 €63,90€*Weight2 kg
11,90€*Weight0.1 kg
Football & Bowling
99,90 €89,90€*Weight3 kg
6,90€*Weight0.15 kg
38,90€*Weight1 kg
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