The finnish outdoor game

Mölkky® game
The original game from Finland
48,50 €39,90€*Weight4.5 kg
Mölkky® - The original game from Finland in an exclusive World Champion Tournament Edition
Mölkky® game from the special Signature Collection with sport bag and Mölkkaari throw-out frame
62,90€*Weight4.5 kg
Mölkky® GO
Der kleinere Version des Original aus Finnland
23,90€*Weight2.5 kg
Number Kubb "Buschwusch"
With soft "Buschwusch" instead of wooden throwing stick
36,90€*Weight1.5 kg
Mölkky® Mölkkaari
An easy way to mark the throwing line in a game of Mölkky.
11,90€*Weight0.25 kg