Jumping Bags
Hop hop, to the other side. Who is the fastest?
14,99€*Weight0.3 kg
Dance Ribbon
Grab the wooden stick and swing the ribbon around in the air.
8,90€*Weight0.1 kg
Cat Toss
Throw the rings around the cat’s tail.
21,90€*Weight0.8 kg
23,90€*Weight1.55 kg
Crocket Junior
These happy little dogs will provide you with a fun-filled afternoon! Players must then take it in turns to complete the course with the fewest hits of the ball.
29,90€*Weight2.3 kg
Hurdles and Limbo
Hurdles and Limbo
39,99€*Weight1.75 kg
Bird Race
How is your balance? Carry the cute birds on your head with the help of the wooden plates. And bring them to your own nest. Can you relocate the birds safely without dropping them?
19,90€*Weight2 kg
Walking Bobbins
Happy walking bobbins!
9,90€*Weight0.3 kg
Velcro Darts
Inflatable, incl 3 balls
19,90€*Weight1.5 kg
Tic Tac Toe - 3 in a row
The 3 in a row game
23,90€*Weight1 kg
myfibo - my first boomerang
Throwing a boomerang can be so easy!
4,95€*Weight0.1 kg
Party set for Kids
This set guarantees hours of joy. Play sack racing, do the eggs and spoons game, or try to run to the other side while your ankle is tied to someone else. Ideal set for a (birthday) party and enough games for a day with loads of fun!
21,40€*Weight1 kg
Ringtoss birds
A fun outdoor ring toss game!
17,50€*Weight0.47 kg
Giant Darts
Inflatable, incl 3 balls
19,99€*Weight2.5 kg
12,60€*Weight0.4 kg
Giant Ball
A big ball for lots of fun!
17,90€*Weight0.5 kg
Egg Party
Balance the egg on your spoon and race! Try to finish first without dropping the egg and win the game. Did your egg fall out the shell? Start over and catch up with the other players!
17,95€*Weight0.4 kg
Ankle Swing Ball
Retro game in a stylish way.
11,90€*Weight0.1 kg
Elastic Jump
Fun outdoor activity with the elastic jump!
7,50€*Weight0.1 kg
Disc Deluxe
Darts, but with a twist. Try to get the most points throwing the three disks at the ring from a distance.
22,95€*Weight0.6 kg