74,50€*Weight6 kg
Petanque Provence
Petanque in nylon bag
21,90€*Weight4.8 kg
22,50€*Weight2 kg
Disc Golf set
Set includes 3 Disc: Driver, Midrange and Putter
19,90€*Weight1 kg
Kubb Rubberwood with red crown
The high-quality Kubb game is made of hard rubber tree (plantation wood). The dimensions of König and Kubbs guarantee good stability and are very robust. The red crown of the Kubb king is particularly appealing...
39,95€*Weight6.7 kg
Ring Toss
Ein klassisches Wurfringspiel
18,95€*Weight1.5 kg
Disc Golf Target
Mobile disc golf target fo
79,95€*Weight10 kg
Kubb Original Hardwood
The original Swedish Kubb game. This version made of high-quality, heavy birch wood is our classical, most popular Kubb game.
29,95€*Weight5 kg
Replacement balls
Replacement balls for Spin Ladder and Spin Ladder Pro
12,99€*Weight0.25 kg
Cornhole game
Cornhole Spiel aus Holz
49,95 €31,95€*Weight5 kg
Brännboll / Rounders
Rounders or Swedish Brännboll is played between two teams
13,90€*Weight0.6 kg
Soft Boule - Indoor Petanque
The indoor boule game
27,90€*Weight1.5 kg
Giant Spellicans Mikado
80 cm sticks
28,90€*Weight2.5 kg
Kubb game World cup
Kubb game in big tournament size
49,99€*Weight8 kg
Knight game
Tournament of Knights
49,95€*Weight4.6 kg
Croquet de Luxe - big size
Croquet game in high quality and big size
119,00 €99,00€*Weight8.5 kg
Frisbee Ultimate 175 g
Performs well in windy conditions
18,90€*Weight0.2 kg