The original Kubb game and many other outdoor games

Kubb is a very old outdoor game which history goes all the way back to the Vikings. It comes from the Swedish island Gotland. Kubb is played by two teams (2-12 persons) and is perfect for garden-parties, vacations, the beach and so on. Check out our new games! The Finish Mölkky game and many others

Kubb Original Hardwood
The original Swedish Kubb game. This version made of high-quality, heavy birch wood is our classical, most popular Kubb game.
29,99€*Weight5 kg
An action packed game fo the whole family!
61,95€*Weight2.5 kg
Kubb with red crown Kubb - Beechwood from the Alpes
Premium Kubb made of beech wood! The game is produced sustainably by a traditional company in Italy and has a very high-quality.
48,90 €45,90€*Weight8 kg
Flip Kick
69,90 €63,90€*Weight2 kg
Mölkky® game
The original game from Finland
48,50 €38,90€*Weight4.5 kg
Croquet original game
Croquet game in high quality
49,90€*Weight3.7 kg
Kubb game Competition Rubberwood
the tournament edition
69,90€*Weight8.7 kg
Cornhole game
Cornhole Spiel aus Holz
54,90€*Weight4 kg
Shuffleboard, Sjoelbak, Billard Hollandais
Das Shuffleboard begeistert jung und alt und darf bei der Jugendarbeit nicht fehlen.
149,90€*Weight10 kg
Das spannende Wurfspiel für Kinder & Erwachsene
39,90€*Weight1.7 kg