Disc Golf set
Set includes 3 Disc: Driver, Midrange and Putter
19,90€*Weight1 kg
Disc Golf Target
Mobile disc golf target fo
  • Size:120 x 38 cm (Pole) 65 cm (Basket)
  • Weight:10 kg
115,00€*Weight10 kg
Frisbee Ultimate 175 g
Performs well in windy conditions
  • Diameter:270 mm
18,90€*Weight0.2 kg
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myfibo - my first boomerang
Throwing a boomerang can be so easy!
4,95€*Weight0.1 kg
Giant Darts
Inflatable, incl 3 balls
  • Carton:28 x 5 x 20 cm
19,99€*Weight2.5 kg
ChuckPuck - Frisbeepuck
10,50€*Weight0.6 kg
Disc Deluxe
Darts, but with a twist. Try to get the most points throwing the three disks at the ring from a distance.
22,95€*Weight0.6 kgMore information