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Tournament of Knights

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For honour and glory

In Medieval times Knights were specially chosen by the King or Queen for their honour, bravery and nobility. They were considered great warriors whose purpose was to defend their King, the kingdom, the Church, women and children, and young men everywhere dreamt of becoming a knight. Knights competed against each other in colourful pageants called tournaments.

In specially built jousting fields, in full armour and on their horses draped with bright cloths, they competed in many dangerous games for their King or the honour of their chosen Lady,- often a courtly gesture of love and devotion. Many royal palaces had such jousting fields and knights came from all over the country to prove their skills and bravery.

In the Knights Game the Black knights are competing against the Red knights for the honour of the Lady of their colour who they must protect against their opponents.

Tournament of Knights consists of the following pieces:

  • 6 black balls + 6 red balls
  • 2 red Knights and their Lady,
  • black Knights and their Lady,
  • 9 flags
  • 3 elastic lengths; 2 black an one red

The game in brief:

A simple and easy-skill game of throwing for all ages and abilities. The object is to “capture” (knock down) your opposing team’s Lady and so win the tournament. By managing to get one of your balls in each of the triangles (not quite so easy as it would appear!) you move to the battle throw position form where you may attempt to first knock down your opponents knights who protect her, and then the Lady herself. The game is played outdoors between 2 to 12 people in 2 teams.

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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